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  'Mix hot bbur kacang..:) '
Posted at 7/26/2009 10:12:00 PM
Mix Hot Bubur Kacang

-1/2 bowl of bubur kacang hijau
-1 cup sprite

-1 half big spoon of salt
-1 red onions
-2 white onions
-jigs cheesy snack junk food
-1 waffle
-3 small cilies

-Jus mix o of em 2gether..:) dun 4get 2 peel d onions skins,
n take of d cilies head,n lick of d spoon full of salt after pouring..(naahh..jus kiddin..xD)

How to serve it;
-Put it in a bowl o jus put it in a plastic, n kill d nxt door neighbours doggies..or plant..
hahaha!!;D nolh,nolh..:)
PrisCiLla wud not take any responsiblity
on any dead dogs or plants due 2 sum idiots,
who go n 4lloe wad i say..:b

Or any dead people...:D

Specially created by;
Veronica & Priscilla

Model mix hot bbur kcang kita..:)
Miss V.Atrasia..hehikss..^^

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