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  'More n more paint!'
Posted at 7/18/2009 02:22:00 PM

Jus nw i go 2 skuL 2 paint d cls..:)

D burgers n d box of water..:)

Ppl helpin each other,so helpfuL..;D

Kiam Khai demo on hw 2 paint d window wo0ds..:)
He tinks i dno bh..;b

C...I can paint bh..;D


Pat painting..if u cn c properly,her shirt kna d wet wood..;D


Feli..eyh,, Eugene...;b

Hillary,Tze Haw n Amelia..:)

Mel hp ptong stim btul...:D

D table was shaking lyk wad wen i did dis..haha!xD

I scared mel,she was shivering..hahaha!!:D

Me n pat..pat jus bcum deco tgh paint d under2 wood..:)

Mel rjn paint d under wood..:)

Pat luk @ bois..hahaha!!xD

Eugene,Harison..wna paint kh,wna bcum model?...

Khai Lun....:)

Khai Lun leg,Pat n dby...:)

Ckgu Ellena paint d windows wood...:b

I dno wad dis teacher name..:)
She say we rajin bca bible..haha!!xD

Wad d hell is happening?..(Tze Haw run awy frm d camera..haha!)

Unknown hu ass,jasmin n dby...:)

Pat,Eugene n Jasmin...:)
Pat oni n0e hw 2 msj sam shja..haha!

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