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Posted at 7/22/2009 11:53:00 PM
Hw 2 slp?.. TT

Wad is d meaning of lyf?,,
wen we dn hav it perfectly done?..
Izit destiny?..
I dn feel hepi @ ol...
sumtyms i jus feel lonly,n bored..
sumtyms,i wna jus run awayy..
n nvr cum bak..

I do wish upon a star,
2 hav a wonderfuL lyf...
lyk d ones i read in a fairy tale book...

Bt i sumtyms understand,
y lyf was nvr dat perfect..

i js wish dat im a doll..
bein control by lil gurls wif big dreams,
of bein d best,n 2 b lyk cindrella..
2 js smile n nvr frown..
2 nvr understand n 2 nvr feel..

Bt its stiff..

Lyfs unfair!its so unperfect...

i learn frm xperience,
2 make lyf perfect,one must tink perfectly 1st..
i in the other hand,
make lyf the best,2 nvr regret a tink..
So i mus tink d best..i mus nvr regret!

I move on lyf,lyk a roller coaster...
I jump up n down..Till my feet hurts...
I climb,i fall...its a test of patience..

Moving into tym was ezy,
but leaving it,is d hardest part of lyf...

Lyf unperfect!nuttin perfect...


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