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Posted at 7/10/2009 03:52:00 PM

I had FUN 2dae..
I've got pick 2 sit in the hall..:)
n0 nid 2 wait under d hot sun 4 yB..
actually yB awang tengah was supose 2 cum...
but he wen overseaa..haha!!
s0 yB Sylvester Enteri substitute..:b

wen i 1st luk @ yB Sylvester,
i said 2 myself..
"Dat is n0t Awang Tengah?"...
"Anwae,he d0es luk familiar..hiks2"..

yB,me n d headmistress..:))

i jdi muka tebal jus now..haha!!
i say 2 yB,
"can i take pict wid u?..i wna let my dad c.."..;)
i ask him,d0es he n0e my dad?..
he din hear me clearly..huhu!;(
he'll n0e it sumdae..:)

s0 ltr dat,
me,Vero,Mel,Pet,Cleo lepak @ canteen 4awhile..
hungwy marx..:b

den,wen v on da way g0 2 blok A wna g0 h0me..
we saw Jessing!..eww..haha!
he ask Vero 2 take me n his pict
s0 i ask mel 2 use my hp 2 take lh..
vero use ckgu jessing camera..hiks..@.@

w0nder wad wil happen if he n0e,
wad me n a few m0re gurls did..ahaha!!xD

My frens n i took pict 2gether..:))

*Hugz* Me n Vero..;b

Me n Mel..:)

Me n mel agen..:)

Me n dby..:)

Me n Pat..:)

Me n Georgia(form1 gurl)...:)

Random picts of me durink the dae..:)


Last random picts of my frens..:b
i edit dby pict..hahaha!!;)

Ckgu Rosmi say,Dby is Pmpuan Mlayu Traher..

did i mention,
Pat dicalonkan as ratu cantik..xD
Bt din win anytink..
she end up bad mo0d o dae..=D


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