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Posted at 7/26/2009 12:05:00 PM
We're old bt we act lyk 2 yrs old...:)

Emo tak mjdi..xD
+sia2 oni i mouth din msk gmbr..TT


Vero pn-candid btull..:)

Me ptong stim bhyn der...hahaha!

Dun kish meh...:D

Emo skjap...:)


Ystrdae,i wen 2 vero hous...:)
bt wen i arrive der,
chek2..dat lil kid..*show fist*..
go 2syn..haiz!
s0 i havta bwt bdo @ her hous..
1st2,i jga her lil sis..;)
den teman amanda watch tv..hehee~
den lepak wid her mum n untie n pia n ddom...
den her mum ask me 2 4lloe her aunt 2 go n pict her..
+b4 v go 2 her 2syn plce,her untie havta buy 4 paket of drinks/water..
4 her mother...xD
n den,v go pick her..hahaha!!:)

n den...
wen @ home...
we talk2 2gether,n den,she open my presents...:)
hahaha!!i got her a pper hp,c0s i cud get any toy one...
n she lyks it!!:) [as if...:D]
n den she open pat ones..a frame n a tbung...:)
she say...*sensor*,*Sensor*...
den she reads ltrs...n sign2...

n den v talk2 in her ro0m 4 a wyl..
den v havta eat...:)
her fmily so frenly..hehikss..^^
+if evrydae i go 2 her hous,xur bcum fat 1...
hahaha!!she feed me 2 much..:D
bt,bt..i apreciate it...:)

fter finish eat,
we lepak in her ro0m sum0re..
n den we cam whore 2gether...

n den,she wanted 2 eat bbur kcang..:)
s0 v go out eat lh...hehexx~
n den v eat2..haha!!x)
n den she fnish ady,+im 2 full,so cant fnish..

den she say.."Lets mke our own recipe!"(b.msia)

Den fter dat,we go n fyn dogs 2 kill..:)
bt cant fyn v fyn tern..hahahahaha!!
n d stories continue...:D

Fter cum bak frm vero hous,
i go 2 Jln kuching-cRian..
go 2 Hunco restaurant..
wid my dad n uncle(whom vero tot is my grandpa)..
Gt dis Nyiling tikai gawai...n sum prasmian of a plitical geng..xD
i met sum lurv-ver-ly ladies reporters...^^
+i mis d lucky draw c0s was 2 bzy slping..:D
n yeaa,i slp d whole bored...TT
+my hp die...*tears*

was so slpy...:(

11+ bru v go bak..huhuhu!
bt i arrive home @ 12+ c0s its a long drive..
+havta sen uc. joseph too...:)

so fter cum bak hum,
i 8vnce c0s my krdt dead oso..:D
fter bath,msj2 tern..

den go 2 slp..:b



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