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Priscilla Tawie
Communication graduate
I w r i t e for a living!
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Full time food addict.
Part time day dreamer.

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Not sure if anyone notice,
but my url is grammatically wrong.
Forgive me, I was young.


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  'wif u!'
Posted at 7/24/2009 02:47:00 PM

Js nw,tym cVik ckgu kong ah fa,
brink us tour d sch..:)
haha!i tell c.ellena dat v 1st tym @ gapor..xD
we nid 2..hw 2 say?..
nid 2,nid 2..cmnt on a few places round d sch..:D
omos o bad cmnt xcept d asrama...:)

I kna brhentikan frm ko0p..TT
s0 wad im form 3?

2dae harison berluph2 wid mel..
n,n ystrdy he brluph2 wid nerosha..
s0 playboy dat b0y..hmmphh!!:|
i hate 2 c my frens get hurt~

+2moroe i can go vero hous,
bt mel cant..s0 borink..
wna ask pat n dby can onot?..
hrp2,dey cann..*tears*
nt fun if oni me cum 2 vero hous bh..

+js cum bak frm iscf..
such a touching movie v watch js nw..:)
Halleyuh!Praise the LORD~


K lh,,

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