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Priscilla Tawie
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Posted at 7/22/2009 01:48:00 PM

Im so dead slpy las nyt...:)
Til o my w0rk oso tergendala..huhu!!


Js nw,ckgu rosli brink us go pdang..
2 watch d eclips..:)
Bt der was n0ne..liar?!>.<
Bt mumy say,d eclips onli happen @ china..huh?!?..

O yeaa...
Js nw,i talk2 2 chels n geng...
dey say,"haiyh!borink oso dn hav vero..TT"...
N i was suprise,so i ask.."y?"..
dey answer.."Cos nobody 2 ejek,nobody 2 talk bout topic ady.."..
N i sayy.."fyn new topic lh..:)"..
n dey say..."No topic bh..dn wad 2 talk agenn..:(
Ask vero cum bak lh..we miss her,we wna piss her..:D"
n i say,"err...topic ckgu lh...:)"
Jess eply," topic!ckgu chiang..:) chelss?!!?..."...


The end...weird..=.="

+Pet say,ckgu ellena kol me stupid..*tears*..
i tak sngja bh..huhuhu!

Haiz!Tern no krdt..;(

K lh,,

Smgt Pris!Smgt Pris!Smgt KRS?!...

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