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Priscilla Tawie
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  'Baby junior~'
Posted at 8/23/2009 05:58:00 PM


Ltr go 2nd hous arh..
2moro hav 2syen in d afternoon..
My luck..

kcian mel..
Lose her ehem 2 her own sis..
well not lose,but deir attach 2 each other..
n mel been left out..
so,im being nyc by msj-ing her whole dae..
Not 2 say i dun wan 2,
bt yeaa..

Hrmm.photoscape make picts bcum dull..
I lyk picnik btr,bt dun rili hav d tym 2 wait..

I was impress by pastor Thomas sermon dis mornink..=)
although it did bore me a lil..haha!
Bt he preach lyk i nvr seen b4..ows jump topic,den cum bak..

Wad is seen,won last forever..But wad is not seen,will last eternity..
-Pastor Thomas Chung

K,, dhaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

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