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  'Baka biak mit ajk..'
Posted at 8/18/2009 03:10:00 PM

Js nw i cum cls trus say 2 dby n pat..
mel msk i tot dey say,"hah?!"..
c0s its so noisy..cant hear bh..
den i say a few tyms..den i screamlh..
i tot dey din hear bh..
chek2 dey say knp?..dh lh in a sindir voice..
saylh properly..dey mke me no mud lerr..
i pekak bh..js noe kh?dh lh bsing..
mmg dem 2 tak mmhami lgsng..
pity me..x)
so i saylh,"itu pat!pgi smpah mel smlm.."..
so she was lyk,"jdi sy yng slh lh?!.."
i say.."takda!ada sy kta..oo,pat slh km.."..XP
pat say he wan 2 puji2 mel fter dis..ahaha!!
bt chek2 she 2duh mel 2duh her say smphlh..bla3..
bt its actually my mouth slip bh..urgh!=.="
I ordy say sry,bt she stil tak care..
she trus wan ptus kwn..
i say "fynlh!go away..i dn care ordy u pts kwn.."
n yng plng pntng.."dun regret.."..=)

2dae test ok..ehehe~
geo,n eng pper 1 n 2..hehexx~..

Hrmm..i feel lyk wna gosip hir bh..=D

U dis..nang?!..
i noelh,u bruk2 me in front of yer him...
i oso can bh..
u pmpuan tdk sdar dri kh?!..
u tink bcos u hav dat "tink",u ordy d bos kh?
u ordy d most pretty one kh?
we o noelh,u sell ur own "tink" 2 attract ppl..
dh say i lyk pink since form 1..
hell arh!?..u luph 2 use me 2 protect urself..
y?!..ur other besfren ordy fnish kh?..
lucky ur r my fren,if not mmg i won let u do,
wad u do now..=.=..shit?!..

n nw,im glad..we're no longer frens..
i hope it last..i dn carelh,u brink mny2 2 hate me..
wad so evr..errgh..=.="
o ur frens,o backstabber one..
wen hav dem,u leave me..
wen dey bla3 bout u,u cum crying lyk wad arh..

d oni place wer ur d most pwerful gurl,
is in 2syen..u tink i scared kh u brink ***** n ****** ask me..
u crylh,crylh in front of dem..
tell dem imma backstabber dat stab u in da back..
tell lh..
sindir me wid dem,sindirlh..
c hu win d nxt dae..

brink lh o ur kkmpungn frens..
one by one,~
im not scared..i noe bh,wich is truth?wich is false...

i say sry ordy 2 u...
bt i tink u js accept it wid no heart?!..=.=
js so u can fyn me n ask 4 help agen..

im a fool 2 help u,u noe dat?!..
its lyk cheating..dh lh in exm summore..

well,i acceptlh o wad u giv me..
mmg u owes ambk simpaty one...
are u der??..knock2...hrmmm..=.=

my tink is my tinklh..
no nid go n showoff 2 ppl dat is urs..
summore,d crdts u get 4 usin my tinks..
u recif it as if ur were suppose 2 recif it..

u owes steal my light..
its lyk,im ur popular-maker...

dh lh,u owes embarass other ppl..
biarpun 2a atau muda..

n ur way of helping,
is kinda thx anywae..

Evryone has mistake,but y izit hard 2 4get bout it?
its lyk a song,playing insyd d brains..

K,, im done 4 d dae..=)

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