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Posted at 8/19/2009 03:21:00 PM

Kiut not?=)

Tern gave me an MU shirt(his) n a teddie..=)

Jus nw science test was quite ezy..=)
confident can pass..ahahaha!

Me n vero havta take table agen 4 her 2dae..hurff..
Den wen v cum bak,
me,mel n vero bljr2 science...=)
Vero n me byk ask each other question..
kcian mell..

+i notice,pat owes luk in2 my science pper bh..haih!
in 2syn owes she ask me 4 answer..:D
n,n..dis few daes ujian oso she ask me..ahaha!!
i noe u cant survive widout meh..
perasan btull me..:)
Bt to bad..i cant help u anymoe..ahahahaha!:D

js nw,i js answer was sharon ask..
mby sum answer frm der pat can figure out..
ahahaha!not..i speak in chinese..=)
n den vero,ttus pass pper frm far mnta jwpn..
i giv d hurur dpn oni..;)
pper 2 lh..

Its fnishlh..=)
sharon do 4 me js nw..
steph say oni clever ppl noe hw do dis..

More random picts..

Cls photo..[3 bru/09]


Kk, dhaaaaA..=*

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