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Posted at 8/11/2009 01:53:00 PM
Im ashamed of myself..*tears*

Js nw got pameran @ d dewanlh..
s0 me n casandra go out tym bm...:P
no teacher bh..ahaha!!

s0 me n cassandra go outlh..;]
actually our niat was jus 2 get the free pncil case bh..:P


bt i lyk free gifts..:)

i get so mny bh..ahaha!!til kna tegur polis bh..;(

1st round i go out,i walk 2 d table..
den i take one..[take 4 me]
den 2nd round,i go out..
take 3 agen..ahaha!![take 4 mel,dby,pat]
den 3rd round i go in wid dby n pat..:]
i take 1 oni..[take 4 vero]
den wen i go out,
i take 2 arh..ahahahahaha!![take 4 me n jasmin]

Until kna tgur polis arh..xD
"eii!!..kmu dh ambk kn?!"..


+i evn took a quiz der..:]
quiz bout my kjaya..hehexx~
i got,enterprising,sosial n artistik..
+d question brulang,n owes ask me sumtink im not..
trpksa i jwb dgn mka yng tbal2...x)

+ckgu rosmi giv keychain bh,, nyc..^^
its oni 4 last yr ahli PUM..x)
me,mel,pat,dby got..hehexx~
+last yr PUM win pringkat kbngsaan..
v rajin ambk duit orng bh..:] pncil case..
den got d keychain..:) dats d keychain ckgu rosmi giv..
nyc hoe?:P

k lh,,

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