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Posted at 8/15/2009 12:18:00 AM
My fs,nyawa tercabut ordy..xD

I mish my biee2..:(
His sick..*tears*,, n nw his slping..huhu!!
xur i cant slp ltr lh..hrrmm..:|
+im sick 2..[flu,cough,sore throat]

Last nyt i dreamt he cheated on me,,
summ0re make it worse,its wid my fren..
wh0m i learn 2 hate frm another fren..xD
i use 2 dislyk her,nw i dislyk2 her..haha!!

+i giv oso bh..dnia dh terbalik..:D

Actually,he terpaksa skndl wid her bh..
c0s d gurl go mnta simpati @ himm..
+d gurl ordy got grk she say d grk bdo2..

haiz2!! suntuk laki..xD

neways,, one dae,me,vero,peter,malcolm,virginia wen 2 tern hous..
c0s got his burfdaelh..+vero mkin gmukk..xD bt still short..:)
n,n upstair his hous,is shopping complex..=.="
ah yLh...he doenst noe we're cuming..wen v cum oso,he tgh slp..:)

cun oso dat gurl cum..urgh!ngegeh i c her..xD
c0s her "own" fren dun lyk her,so i go n marah2 her..haha!!:D
den she ngs...:) n she go n kmplen 2 tern..
bt tern dn care bout her..yay2!

den i chek tern hp,her msj he din bls..:)
mostly we're my msj..n o my pict onli we're his gallery...:)
+he edit a graphic using me n his name..heee~
so lurv-ve-ly..:)

she jeles..haha!!xD so she run out his hous,
trus bump in2 her grk..den she go n pluk2 d grkk..
tern bwt2 taktwu..:P

overall,im hepi bt unhepi bout dis dream..

n nw,she is in my dislyk list.. :)

2dae is fridae..:)
i miss sch js nw c0s i takda kaitan in sch..haha!
2dae pra pmr start ordy,, :)
bt it started wid chinese test..yay!
+2dae is d dae,i 1st miss sch dis year...:D

+ive tried so hard 2 solve d rubik cube..
bt cant..onli manage 1 layer..huhu!!:(

n,n d thunder js nw was nyc...its so windy i slept frm 1pm+ to 7pm+...xD

K lh,,

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