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Posted at 8/05/2009 02:04:00 PM
I hate unperfect tinks!!
my lyf is ordy unperfect no nid 2 mke it worser..urgh!=.=

Dat aaron n shing wang?!...
go n steal my file 2 my sejarah pper...
n giv me shing wang torn one..>.<

2moro,i wan tuntut hak..
1st i blsah dem,bru i brink dady..:P

I angry2 @ tern last nyt n dis mornink..huh!
he go n hit his fren hu is a gurl..TT
dh i say..dn touch other gurl,still wan touch!!hmmm..:|

+ystrdy i malu tym moral..ahaha!!
teacher ask me 2 read out d text in da buk...
bt i din listenlh..i go n make out my own text..xD
ahahaha!!stupid correction tape make me distracted..:)


n, addicted 2 fcebuk...=]

+my shoes so stupid..:)
gud riddance in da rubbish bin aite..hehexx~

k lh,

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