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Posted at 8/10/2009 01:57:00 PM
So hawt...TT

H1N1 is rising hir...:|
dis is bad,real bad..

Msti my pishy oso kna,
dats y diee..:P
smpt bwt lwak..ahahahaha!!

js nw got pmbntngn 4 bm...:)
i bcum teacher..hehexx~
we work hard..hard! i tell u..hard!!=D

s0 yeaa...
teacher puji2 my one gud2...:P

+i tink i rili talk lyk a teacher js nw..
n evrybody was lyk boooo..Hmmmphh!!:|
u o jeless bh..u o cant bntng well..:D
specially,gayy-ry,shing wang,aaron,boniface,ttus...
dey ol..ish!!gram i c dem...
n suprisingly ttus nolh..:) c0s he got minta maap..xP
boniface not solh..haha!!

i most gram @ gay-ry,shing wang n aaron...
specially gary!he go n ask me 2 shutup arh..TT
s0 i ask ckgu zul,"ckgu!sy ckgu kn?*snym sindir*"...
he js angguk2..:)
den sudenlly,i point @ gay-ry..
i say,"hey u gary!u so krng ajr arh!!=@"...
n dem boniface,aaron go n boo me...
s0 i jus sbarlh..huhu!=.=

+ckgu zul say me ok...:)

+ i speech bout KARMA 2 d whole cls js nw...hahaha!!
ckgu zul was lecturing2..bla3..
den i say,"yLh..KARMA!"...
den ttus saylh.."ee..u belief in"
n i was lyk,"yLh..wad goes around,cums around.."
"wad u give,u take it bak.."..
huh!i rili3 gram js nw....

n,n i understand hw ckgu margerate feel evrytym i ignore her lesson..


o yh,i tink dats KARMA 4 me....:D
_______________________ bushan~

Ltr hav 2syn..;]

K lh,, dhaaaaaaaaaaa...=*

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