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Posted at 8/09/2009 05:43:00 PM
Cant on9 lot..
Line limted..sobs~

ystdy go 2 malcolm bdae..:)
v played so mny games..ahaha!!xD

i)dancing on d newsppr..
[i dance wid peter..:P]
ii)pop ur frens balloon..
[i go wid beatrice as partner..xD]
iii)untangle ur hand amongst ur frens hand
[ahaha!!dis one is weird..=.=,evnthough v tried hard,v still
cant cum out..d other grup try mny tyms,dey still can cum out..
so many tyms summore..TT]
iv)stable urself(picts @ d previous post)
[gurls out,bois win..huhu]
v)transfer rubber band by mouth
[dis one is FUN,bt it luks lyk we're kissing each other..:P]
vi)gues ur fren id
[if ur late,u bcum an indian..xD]
vii)past an act(d most fun one evr)
[d 1st prson reads sumtink on a pper,den she/he havta act in front
of d 2nd prson,n d 2nd act 2 d 3rd n so on..FUN~]

i tink dats o...:)

den fter v fnish play games,me,peter,virginia,malcolm gossip in d tv ro0m..xD

O yh,so mny tinks i 4got 2 post...:)

i ordy tuntut hak frm aaron n shing wang..:)

+on Wednesdae,i fix mel correction tape..:P

n,n on Thursdae,
mel sme 2syn wid

mel,me,pat sit in front of d
cun d teacher blnja us o chocolate..
he buy 5 big packet of crisp..
jus 2 take d kiut free gift..:]
ahaha!!pat embarass him...
pat say he kbdk2kn...ahahahaha!!xD

den wak2 rhat,
me,mel chatted wid himlh..

he say dat last week thursdae,
wen he cum bak frm ajr us,
he pnink2..den he ask his fren 2 brink him go klinik..
kcian him lerr..TT,he skit c0s of our notyness..huhu!

+he say me bdo agen..ahaha!!
"Klu ada bdk2 d skulh km skit,bgtwu ckgu k..=)"
n i said,
"ckgu2..mcm mna nk contact ckgu?klu sy kat skulh.."
teacher blur 4 a wyl..den he say...
"km ne BDO!..dri dlu sy salu mrh km bdo..!!?"..


n b4 cls start..i 4got wad is d topic..
bt i n0e,i say..
"itulh ckgu!sy sruh ckgu kwen,ckgu takmau kwen.."
den he say..
"kwen lgi lh ssah.."..
den my mouth say..
"takpa ckgu..ckgu nk numbor??..:P"


o yea,
ystrdy mornink i go 2 sch..
write bm,mel n jasmin..
i w0rk rili hard..took 3 hours 2 do it..
so i hope,i win..:)
o @ least get sumtink 2 b proud of..hehexx~

k lh,,

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