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Priscilla Tawie
Communication graduate
I w r i t e for a living!
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Full time food addict.
Part time day dreamer.

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- Food
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Not sure if anyone notice,
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Forgive me, I was young.


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  'Me.Myself & I'
Posted at 8/14/2009 11:49:00 PM
PrisCilla Tawie Anak Sulok

  • D gud syd of me
  1. Im nyc.i perfectly noe it.
  2. Im tall.
  3. Im original at tymes.
  4. Im cheerful.
  5. Im owes fake-hepi 2 make others hepi at tymes.
  6. I luph 2 lauf.
  7. I can make others lauf.
  8. Im helpful at tymes.
  9. I have a nyc makes my whole face shine.[smile is the best medicine]
  10. I notice my weakness,n i tried 2 change.sumtyms i suceed,sumtyms not.
  11. I can keep a secret,But sumtymes blew it accidentally.
  12. Im not dat easy 2 4get frens.
  13. Im open-minded.
  14. Im talkative.
  15. I lurve 2 edit picts wen im free.
  16. I dun smoke.
  17. I lurve to keep myself healthy, evnthough im actually lazy to do so.
  18. Im faithful.
  • D bad syd of me
  1. Im spoilt.I must hav wad i wan.
  2. I overeacted sumtymes.
  3. I cant control my anger at tymes.
  4. I owes wan attention.
  5. I showoff at tymes.
  6. I lurve 2 gossip.[Gurls essential nids^sum^]
  7. I can have a very hot tougue.
  8. Im not owes punctual.
  9. I cry so easily.
  10. Im afraid most of d tym.
  11. I sumtymes,dn seem as brave as i owes blab about.
  12. I can revenge if i want to.
  13. I NVR tink twice before i open my big mouth.
  14. Im talkative.
  15. Im a backstabber.^sumtymes^
  16. I can nvr sit still.
  17. I luph 2 hop around.
  18. I sumtymes lie.
  19. I may not seem wad u c outsyd.
  20. I cant leave my past in the past.
  21. I hav a bad memory sumtyms.
  22. I get 2 addictive to sumtink,dat is so fun.But i can get real bored ltr.
  23. I hate messiness.wil scold d nearest person js 4 it.
  24. Im not flexible.
  25. I can tink of so many bois at once.
  26. I get jealous to quick.
  27. Im owes poking around into others business.
  28. Im to childish.
  29. I eat according to mood.
  30. I waste to much.
  31. Im picky.I owes complain.
  32. I owes say innocent ppl,ngegeh/sundal 4 no reason.
  33. Im not that patient.
  34. I get hungry so fast.
  35. I simpathise others,to fast.
  36. I get excited so fast.sumtymes over nothing.
  37. Its hard foe me to say im sorry.
  38. Its hard foe me to forgive.
  • My loves
  1. I love GOD.
  2. I love my family.
  3. I love HIM.
  4. I love my besties.
  • My likes
  1. I like cute tinks.
  2. I like my friends.
  3. I like 2 talk.
  4. I like pink c0s its cute.
  5. I like my teddy.
  6. I belief fairy tale can happen.
  7. I like green too,n purple,n blue.
  8. I like to eat.
  9. I like to be emo at tymes.
  • My dislikes
  1. I dislike d DEVIL.
  2. I dislike dirty tinks/area.
  3. I dislike d way my brain tink.
  4. I dislike playboy,slut,bitch,posers.
I tink,mby dats o..

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