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Posted at 8/04/2009 09:37:00 PM
Im addicted 2 facebuk games now..

Im so interested in politics nw..:]
til dat im learning it..

+js nw,ckgu zul talk bout a politician kna dera...
its ******* **** ****,
den d guy go n revenge 2 another guy hu use 2 buly him last tym..
krayh he jdi pndendamlh c0s his fmily dera him mentally..:[
bt dady say his a nyc fellow..

oo~CKGU FA-ATHIEN..jgnlh majok..hehexx~

js nw,gt quiz mrdeka..
im positively xur,100% xur,ill lose...=]

ish!i go n study bout d past,
dey giv me wad cums out in da newsppr...TT
alu,i knot jwp,alu bcum speechless in d pper..xD
xur dady cincang me..:]

K lh,
DhaaaaaaaaaaA~ :O)

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