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  'Rubic Cube??'
Posted at 8/13/2009 11:08:00 PM

Any1 n0e hw 2 solve it?
It been giving me headache..x]
Ive been watching a few uTube vids bout it..
But i still dun get it..

2moro pra pmr start lerr..huhu!!;(
Bt luckily 2moro is chinese wan oni..heee~
So i lazy wna cum..:)

Nxt week ordy start pra pmr ler..hrmm..
must study hard dis tym..=)

Js nw gt 2syn maths..=]
d teacher mud a lil broken,bt it was fix..
n,n 2dae i manage 2 make dis newly-couple[mel&hansen] sit 2gether..
haha!!candid by VirGiNia_sHaRen~


Js nw,b4 2syn,me n mel wen 2 evrise 2 buy me a rubik cube..:]
haha!we go in 2syn oso late lerr..xP

n, n pat lauf2 til lyk wad arh..
2dae i kna mrh bdo hw mny tyms,oso i dno...:D

"Ckgu! sy kna rhat awl,sbb sy kna ambk ubt.."
"Ubt apa?"...
"Ubt skit mental..."..xD
"ckgu!mna blh rotan orng,ibarat mcm mdera,nnti tgn bdk byk lbam,msk pnjra bru twu.."..:P
"Mna blh!takknlh pkul smpai ptah tgn?..bgus bh rotan bdk.."..=]
"ada bh,parents dera ank pkai rotan..."
"itu gla pnya..."...xD
"ckgu2,, prents 2 gla sbb ckgu takmau bgi mrka kuar rht awl,n mkn ubt.."..:D
"klu sy,sy nk rotan ank sy,biar dia tak jdi hantu mcm kmorng.."
"ee..takmau sy jdi ank lbh rela jdi ank sulok.."..=)


K lh,DhaaaaaaaaaaA~

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