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Priscilla Tawie
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  'Stress dae..'
Posted at 8/12/2009 01:26:00 PM

Js nw dat ___ kes cum bak agen bh..
Summore got other ppl cum n join skali..
me oso heran...=.="

Hrmm...pntng kna mrh wn?!..:@

n,n...i hampir kna live wire...
i hampir burn myself...
Thx 2 harisson im still alive..x]

+My mood 2dae no gud,,
s0 aaron,shing wang,gay-ry kna sindir by me..:]
tym bm,tym ppl tgh bntng sumtink in d front..
i ask shing wang n aaron,y dey no bsing2??..
den i ask gay-ry y he no ask ppl 2 shutup?..:P

Tern make my mood spoilt awl2 pgi..hrrmmm..
i cum 2 sch,trus tengking pat yng taktwu pa,pa..xD
den bc0s i n0 mo0d,i trus jdi rajin bwt hbs nota in kls..
summ0re,pat go n buy same pncil as me..hrmmm..TT
nsb tak sma wrna..if nt..haiz!=.=
s0 my mo0d dis mornink was rili2 bad..huhukss~

n,n ystrdy dby promise 2 spon lolipop..
bt she din cum 2dae..
s0 my hrpan hancurlh..huhuhuhu..;[

Tuhan yng maha adil akan tentukan...
-Ckgu Jessing

K lh,, dhaaaaaaaaaaaaa...:]

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