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  'Wad is lyf?'
Posted at 8/15/2009 11:07:00 AM
Life is sumtink extraordinary.
Evrytink we do,hav its reason to be.
We shud at least be glad,
dat we r not born into an animal.

God created us to be,
sum1 worth proud of.

Don't fall,once u fall.
Stand up!
Everyone noes we can suceed it.

Everyone always say "No,i cant.I won't"..
Well,its not exactly the truth.
We say that we are weak,
But actually we're not.
Its just the way,human think.

We can,if we try.
We can try to start over n over again.
Yes!running away,is one answer.
But does that solve everytink?
Well,it depends on the situation.

N when we suceed,
we shud nvr forget the ones hu once made it out of everytink.

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