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  'I nid my private tym alone??'
Posted at 9/27/2009 05:41:00 PM
Hu is Arthur Freddy?

Dis is d 2nd tym i dream of sum1 i dno..

I met him on fcebuk..
n d nxt tink i knew..he ovrnyt @ my house..
n nobody seem 2 care..
We wud talkwhole nyt widout yawning..
i dun evn care of
dh lh we sleep 2gether..
+he skul @ smkTJ..
any1 noe?

n skul..
so up n dwn..haha!
n weird..=.="
Skul is attached 2 everise..
me n pat wna go curi crayon..
bt tak jdi..
c0s i sindir2 bitch..haha!

n my besfren so close wid my 2 ex..

n chan is err..circus worker..

so odd..
dh lh dady go n tolak me til i terhug chan..

jus nw go church..
got thief steal symbals..kciaann...

-Prayer is wen God do,n u listen..n u talk n God listen..
-Mother Thresa

k lh,, dhaaaaaaaa!

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