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  'Nyt at BDC..'
Posted at 9/03/2009 10:20:00 PM


My hp dumbass arh..TT,

I go 2syen js nw..=)
but b4 2syen,me,mel,pat,olga n sharen go lepak @ everise..

We go kar0ake 1st at d kar0ake box in everise..=)






We sang 6 songs..=)

i)3 mlm,tanpa bintang-fiq
ii)Dat evanescence song wich i 4get
iii)Dun speak-No doubt
iv)Black Parade-MCR
v)With You-Avril Lavigne
vi)Wen ur gone- Avril Lavigne

Got mny ppl c..=)
v angguk2 onilh hear dem cmnt..ahahaha!!

Den omos tym 2syn start,so we go dwn..
sdng we go down,olga say wna try shirt..
so me oso 4loe..
Bt chek2,me,pat,mel brpsh wid olga n sharen..:P
Olga brink sharen go c gelang..
me brink pat n mel c shirt..ahahaha!!
i wna try dem on,n take pict..
i ajk mel n pat,bt dey dun wan..
i wan try,bt dey i say,1 shirt,1 shirt..XP

so i take 1 shirt,n 1 skirt..

Nyc onot?=)
Mel say its ok,but d skirt not cun..hehe~
(antap got price tag der)

Den i go out dressing ro0m,n c another shirt i wna try..
so i just get n get n get..
Pat n mel mbbel..:D

Dis one oso nyc..=)
d jeans i hav ady..ahahaha!!

Den pat oso wna try..:P
mel say,pat scold me,bt den she do it herself..

Omgosh!kiut shirt..TT
n,n pat luk more ok wid d dress,if she is thinn..
sayng yh..~

N hir cumes d twinnies...=)

Dis dress,i kol it.."Clubbers Special"...


Gotta buy o my angan2s...:)

PMR is 4 more weeks..TT


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