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  'pictures of us!'
Posted at 9/17/2009 09:31:00 PM


Haiz!bt mdm chiang say oni 2 hours a dae..


Ystrdy tym ujian bhsa cina,sum of 3 bru go 2 ptih,sum go hju,sum go magenta..
me n vero n mel go putih..
v tot is a nytmare..^^ actually oklh..hehe~
pat,dby go hju..

den wen @ putih,v play2 hp..ahaha!!xD

ckgu p0c0ng owes kuar kls..giv us chance oni..=)

den ckgu spencer plak,giv us chance eventhough his sitting in kls..xD
ders dis one boi,his parent kol..i tink?..antap d bunyi ringing..
he trus pick up..haha!

den wen ckgu pocong msa..
wen he go out,me,vero n mel boro jason phone..
v c video..=D
tgh v c-c sudenly ckgu pocong cum in..
wna go nxt 2 us..
i tink he n0es bh..

den msa he bsyd me..
he talk 2 me,
ckgu-"mak km cna kh?"..
me-"yLh ckgu..=D"
ckgu-"ptutlh..bpa iban lh?=)"..
me-"yLh ckgu..yng hri 2 ckgu pluk2 dgn dia 2lh..xD"..
ckgu-"tgk nma.."..
*me giv him my name tag*
ckgu-"ohh!ini yng fung chan(chan boon fong!) ambil hri 2 kh?
me-"yerr ckgu...*malu2*.."
"genggam my head.."..
ckgu-"aplh km ni..cri laki byk mslh..cbalh cri yng rjn..yng krng mslh.."..
*walks away*
vero-"mcm ank dia.."



2dae no 2syen..=(
ckgu she bzy lerr..+mny ppl oledy blk kmpng loe..
n,n..2moroe no sch!yay...=D

Raya is near..
i can taste rendang nw..hehexx~

n,n..i survive a few daes no msj..


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