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Posted at 10/15/2009 10:02:00 PM

I celebrated my bdae wid Vero n Unta at spring ystrdy..
so fun..
bt i tink vero rsa trpinggir..;-/

i came early..TT
i walk round n round n round o was it squares? spring,, so long i wait 4 Vero n Tern 2 cum..

dey go out late from house,
den go buy me a cake..hahaha!
s0e,, dun hav apetite 2 apreciate it..;-/

i square spring nuttin 2 do,
so i just go n buy nescafe tin n jamu slera @ d wishing well..
cun oso vero n tern n geng cum... mother in law talk 2 meh..xD

den after dey cum,we square spring plak..
me,vero,tern lh..
den we go sugar bun c0s tern hancur my cake..
n we nid 2 eat it fast..

at spring plak,vero ask either me o tern 2 teman her order..
den we 2 dun wan,so i go n ask d waiter 2 teman her..
"xcus me,blh km teman dia pgi order?"

i played wid da cake..
nuttin btr 2 do..ahahahaha!:P
+i c fud i wna muntah ordy..wad more 2 say 2 eat it..

Den b4 we go in MBO,we square one spring agen.. so nakal..:D
lyk small manja..haha!

we watch "wer got GHOST?"
lawak osolh..d oni scarry part is wen d ghost appear so sudenly..
so mny sch kids bh we c..:)
evn got olga n geng..+phyllis bdae too ystrdy...

den b4 d movie,i bwa tern go gurls toilet..
bt unluckily we cant fyn any..than sjalh spnjng d movie..

after we go out,we square spring so mny tyms...
haha! one of d shop,i c mannequinn,he wear so smart..
so i say," btul suami sy.."..den i eksyen2 atur its tie..
hahaha!tern mrjk den he say he wan go fyn istri len oso..
den i kejar him..den i brink him bsyd me..
den i smbng my act..:D

Wen i omos go bak,i trik tern go buy me patung..:P
well,he run away frm vero..kciann..
so we go in wondertoys!..
lol..i bought a pink piggy..but 2 badd...
cant take it pict..TT

o yeah,i sen my supernova 2 spring ystrdy 2..
2moro im getting it bak..yay2!

I miss ystrdy..;(

+dis mwnink go sch hntr bku tekss..
2moro no nid go sch..:D yeeaaa....
den,nxt week got program bt lazy wan cum...:D
but nid to wryt ltr...haizzz!
n vero in

Lets make those dreams cum true,,


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