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Posted at 10/10/2009 05:48:00 PM
Jus nw go fifi fren,my teacher(hu dun teach me) hous..

Indon wna prng wid us?
I luph indo movie,cnetron..
Jgn2 fter dey prng wid us,
dey dun wan siarkn deir cnetrons here..

Its omos my bdae!!:)

PMR is still on,
but nw i hav less

D teacher hu watch ovr us put on a 'i dun care' attitude..
not fun wan bh...
Vero say c0s msia wna help us actually..
bt luking bak @ it,its actually spoilling us..

+on Fridae,b4 test..
d sch go n ask ppl 2 spray mosquito racun..
isnt it nt d ryt tym?
mcmlh dun hav saturdae..
if gt aedes oso,do lh b4 we cum 2 sch..
u n0e,mby ppl can get asma anytym..
bt dis one dun hav aedes..

o yeaa,ystrdy i was alone in dady opis..
haha!fer 3 hours..studying alone..
i heard d fax making n0ise..
s0 i go n play wif it..
den it says no paper..
s0 i try 2 put paper in it...
dno hw 2 put..
so i jus ignore it lh..ehehe..

on Thursdae,PMR go bak late.. i go bak 5pm c0s..haiz!

s0 den me n chacha go dady opis..
nuttin 2 do,so we 2 go play2 @ cr0wn plaza..
so jrng d ppl insyd der bh..
i tink c0s crown plaza is a hidden place in pandungan..
+d shirts so xpensive..haha!

me n chacha plan 2 go 2 hock lee,bt 2 far..
n chacha d einstein tink we can tembus thru crown plaza..
i say,if no way go out,she havta giv me rm1..
lalala..HEY,WERS MY RM1?

we walk round crown plaza n luk @ stuff..
d soft toys so kiut..i wan one!!;(

neways,, we go out oni buy 2 paket maggi,2 swit corn n 1 mash potato..
so xpensive..everise more cheap de..
+i so lokek wna chia d maggi ordy wid water so i steal 2 cups..
n ltr v cook in dady opis..

chacha say i pro..^^..*bangga2*
(bangga steal cups)


den fter v fnish eat,i prank kol fifi..
hu knew she knew my v0ice..

den v saw a coffee maker..
v dno hw 2 use,so v just simply2 lh..
d coffee(i tink tea bt chacha put in coffee) cum out one drop,one drop oni..
so i was lyk,haiyh!if lyk dis,ppl havta make coffee d nyt b4 d mwnink..

den chacha wna drink it bt i dn wna drink..
dady say dun drink c0s s0 l0ng din use..
+ady gt debu..

n,n chacha ke-Lum-sy spilt coffee on her dress..

v lauf lyk wad d whole dae..;D




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