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Posted at 10/30/2009 08:38:00 PM


I mish fcebuk!=( s0 long din on9..huhu!
c0nnecti0n wen on a holidae..hukss!

Dis week of sch,so borinkLh..
skuL suckss!i mish learning..evnthough nt learning is btr..
haha! evry tym go sch,owes lepak wid Ckgu Ellena..heekss~

My supern0va die agen..
dis month ordy hw mny tym die lerr.huhu!

i HATE it..~

mny ppL din cum skuL..
den dat dae,ckgu ellena ask jasmin 2 wryt sumtink on d pink pper..
ppl hu dun cum 2 sch more den 3 daes..
hee,, wlpn me owes din cum,but i din cum oso evry 2 daes o 1..
tak kna c0s tak smpi 3..haha! xD
+byk ppl kna..jeng3..velor oso kna..haha!

n durink dos daes of me not goin 2 sch,n no line..
i watch m0vies..dis week onilh..
d m0vie cha2 boss giv..=)
i watch tiL 10+..ahahahahaha!xD

n i HART korean drama :)

Pat cum skuL,mala jk ngs..haiz!
owes gt msLh wid sam..tedah i c herr..hukss!

N ermm,pa gk oh? =P

o yeaa,, i 4lo mumy go dancing kls..
LOL, imma slow learner...xP
i owes make d line cruket de..haha!
n owes make myself embarass..huhu!

Gotta go!dhaaaa2~

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