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Posted at 10/18/2009 08:46:00 AM

Picts frm d spring..:)
Just got dem frm Vero ystrdy..

Ystrdy nyt wen 2 Tern hous wid fifi..
got deepavali der..LOL~
his untie n kzns n uncles n ank buah..=,="

Vero go wid me den Lopez cum,n dey go church sma2..
ehehehehehehe...she cum bak agen @ 9+...
Haiz!she mmg salu malukn dri sndri wan..ahahahaa!

den wen me n tern sit 2gether,
smbl i hear ppl bored..
sudenly vero cum n push herself in between..
(mrh btull)..i mrjk..:D

O yh!i drink 1+ tin of tsintao..
hoping 2 drunk myself..but2,takda jga mbuk..
haiyh!low quality..xD
dh lh Tern owes marah2 i drink..haha!

spnjng vero takda,i owes 4lo tern here n der..
LOL..we go lyn tamu sma2..:D

i din eat las nyt,no apetite..;(


I lyk dis pict..^^ my edits..ahahaha!

Ill act as if nuttin ever happen~


Wen a hair cut goes bad,its new fashion..
-Mdm Chiang


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