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  'yay!its him..:)'
Posted at 10/21/2009 10:21:00 PM
Mish my bebeh!~
Realise in dis pict,his head is too big..xD

My supernove die agen..TT
after omos a week wid me..hmmphh!,,
i guess it hate me..

I mish HIM..;(

Dis mwnink go skul..hehexx,,
so glad 2 b back..:)
we cut d grass in front of d blk guru..
trim d bushes..:D
me n mel even tried 2 pull dwn sum butch of klapa swit leaf..
no matter hw hard u try,it still w0n cum of...haha!

Den me n mel so tired so we go bak 2 cls n lepak2..
o yeaa,i got a rm10 baucer..koperasi one lh..
Lousy..haha!erm2,got it 4 my 3rd place on esay writing..:)
i blanja mel 2 glitter pen,1 kalerful pen n 1 pncil tkan..
i blanja myself 2 glitter pen,1 kalerful pen oni..:)
heee..Luffs it..:P
finally i got d kalerful pen i owes wanted..^^

den,we were suppose 2 attend a cramah..
bt we terlpas it..haha!:D

i ate 2 nasi lemak jus nw..weeee~

dis saturdae got party KRS,at mwnink..
huhu!cbalh @ nyt kn..:(
kn besh..
oh! n d not besh tink is no camera 2 capture d moments..;(

-B patience n ol ur desire,will cum true..


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