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Posted at 11/05/2009 09:20:00 PM

Ystrdy(5 n0v) i start keja l0e..

Ppl ol nyc2 2 me..
Made new frenss..:) hehehe~
Siew Ying,Amy,Mbak Rika,Scott,Kak Uji,
Jo2,Cindy,Ah Yong, spa gk h0e..
Oh2, Mdm MagdeLene, n Ms Chai! xD

Siew Ying n Rika shw me new stuff..
Jo2 bulLy me, ask me clean flies..
weL i guess dats part of job..
xP nvm2, new xperience.. :)

I lyk m0st ab0ut my dpartment[Frozen],
is d LabelLing n packing n weighing..
s0 much FUN.. ^^

But i g0t a few scratchs..TT,
g0t one tiL got blo0d arh..

Den, i wh0Le dae din sit..
g0t Lh, but onlie fer a wyL..
my Leg hurts Lyk HELL!!:D

Im excited..ehehehhehe!~

ystrdy i w0rk mwnink shift onie..
2mrw i w0rk wh0le shift..
BuLshit ryt?:) But xur gonna b FUN weighing..
o yeaa, 2dae i off c0s i nid 2 go 2 skuL..
n settLe stuff..

BTW, we nid mre staffs!!

2dae in skuL pLak, we hav sndwich dae..:)
i onie brink s0s, c0s i cant co0k..

Mel n Pat 2kng msk,
cassandra 2kng bLi tuna..
D chinese2 oL help buy bread..
N Kiam Khai brink boiLed egg..

We eat 2gether2 wid Ckgu Ellena..

Den after dat, me,pat,dby n peter waLk 2 BDC..
i cant stop mrungut.. xD
Den we psh2, aher2yh me n pat go 2 her hous lepak 4 a wyL..
den we waLk 2 satria..hehe~
i ask pat wear fuL pink..hahahahaha!:D
her mum say she sngja cri msLh..

+I heard Olga n Sharen kmlngn motockaL..:(


Me,Ckgu Ellena & HilLary-2 n0v-

Ckgu Ellena:Eiee! y u ppL engLish s0 po0r?wer u learn?
Me:Dno teacher..xD i since smaL taLk lyk dis..xD ows gt Lh,Lh..
HilLary:Frm Malaysia teacher!


Me, Kiam Khai & Yvette(a form 1 prefect)-2 n0v-

*Yvette pass 3 bru*
Kiam Khai: Hai xiao mei-mei!
Me:Eee.. Kiam Khai new gf.. xD
*Yvette pass agen*
Kiam Khai:Xiao Mei-Mei!!
*My hp ringging, dady koL, gotta go!*
Me:I go bak 1st o Teacher.. =)
Kiam Khai:Eii! Dun 4get 2 kol dat xiao Mei-mei.. :D
*saw yvette at d stairs*
Me:Yvette2, got ppL wan 2 c u..
*brink Yvette 2 Kiam Khai*
Kiam Khai:Eiee! U real2 brink kh!:@


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