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  "I mish hemm~"
Posted at 11/18/2009 12:51:00 AM

I s0 kecik3 hati 2dae...=(
I dn0 y Ah Yong ows dun ask me jga insyd..
owes ask me jga outsyd.. mcm dun hev other ppL..=(
Mntng2 i dno hw 2 cut...='(

Dh Lh outsyd der nuttin 2 do.. Hukxx!~
if got tak jga apa.. me mrjk!xP

Sdng2 i mrjk, sudenLy Tern pLak dtng..=)
Trus brubh.. Tak jdi mrjk..xP hahaha! mcm twu2 oni i sad..=)
Den we rturn in front of d sunkist fridge..=P
i say d sukist jdi saksi.. ehehheeh~

Evrybody c us 2gther2.. XP haha!

Den wen go bak Azmi stand bsyd me, n der g0es a conversation..

Azmi:Boy km tdi kh?=)
Azmi:Yng bru pnya Lh??
Pris:TakdaLh,, yng Lma Lh..=)
Azmi:aihh~ Hri 2 ckp singLe..
Pris:Dh rturn.. itu sunkist jdi saksi twwuu..=)
Pris:Dia tggi dri km..=P
Azmi:Tggi2 takpaLh.. P sy mtng Lgi..

Trus me bebek~ xP

+Ah Yong nt fair! sngja wan kna me de...
Amy n others buy durink w0rk tym can, sudenly i knot..
y Leh? ish! Tmbh my kcik hati..='(


n,n.. Limping saLu mnta kish.. Heran toL.. XP

odd! Dhaaaaaaaaa~

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