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Posted at 11/02/2009 09:06:00 PM

I fnish duin d laporan ady..
Bt, DARN IT!..
i din manage 2 sen via email 2 ckgu Flowrese,
nor print it out..
Dis afterno0n no line bh..
s0 cant sen..
Den d new printer hvn yet bein install in d other laptop..
s0 yLh~
Nw got line n d laporan in d other laptop..
But d other laptop batery adapter pLak dun hav..

NvmLh,, i jus avoid ckgu Flowrese 2morw..
Gud2... xD

Dis mwnink got prize giving dae!weee~
Im aLone.. TT
I got d koir 2 teman me 4 a wyl.. :)
Den after fnish, i go lepak @ 3 ungu..
c0s i dun wan lepak wif hilary n kiam khai in kLs..
tak mnis pLak..:)
but wen Ckgu Ellena cum, i 4lloe her go lepak in Bru loe..

Ckgu Ellena say wna brink us go eat mee 2morw..
hehee~ :)

After sch 2morw, i go Selection,Wisma Wan 2morw..!
i go interview.. :D
hrp2 i dptLh..AMEN~ ehehehehe!

Wad 2 say agen hoe?:)

"I reaLise lyf 's a bulLshit" xD

O yeaaa!
Dhaaaa2...~ :P

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