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Posted at 12/22/2009 12:05:00 AM

Xmas kad frm my dear2 fren Suky.. =)

2dae i Last dae Liao Loe..
Azmi n Yatie off 2dae.. mydihkn btuL.. =(

Las nyt i wrap presents fer my SLecti0n besTiess.. =P
Ying, Amy, Yatie, Eric, Azmi, Scott n Vun Lim..

Antra oL d surat i giv 2 dem, Azmi pnya sy kmfem ngs bLa bca.. =D
I rmyn him of our kngn.. hahaxx!!~

Before my meaL break fnys, i cpt2 sumbat o does presents insyd eric Locker..
=D i tink he n0es its me, c0s i ows bka skati his Locker.. c0s he din Lock Leh..
bahya2.. =D

Neways,, i cried.. I telL sir i w0n cry on my Last dae..
bt i cant than.. Sir pn 1, ady pr0mise 2 sp0n tissue.. bt he go bak earLy.. Haiz!

I mish my Fr0zen dpartment.. =(

O yeaaa!... Mdm giv xmas angpau Lh.. =)

Zheng3.. xD Izit d purpLe one?green one? o d red one?
oooLaLa... xP

SkaLi tgk.. dot3..

Food voucher.. xD oni can buy tinks in sLection.. xP
i telL Sindy i wan 2 go hnL use..
she say i kena reject by dem Ltr.. xD
Ying ask me 2 ask dem 2 claim frm sLection.. =D


Me n Karen bLh ngam Leh..
cma msa yng dbri 2k kmi brkwn sgt singkat.. xD
she go aLong wid my jokes, bkn mcm ann.. she tease me bak arh..
skit hati.. =P

Bt i heranLh.. y mdm giv her bcum storboy de supervisor?
knp tak taruh d frozen sja? 2 tomboy meh?

Me n Vun Lim, bergegar d pict.. xD

Me n EveLyn.. On her Last dae dat dae.. =)
I heran, Y EveLyn Luk Lyk Felicity.. xD



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