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Posted at 12/29/2009 11:38:00 PM
Sygg...!! ~

Cena tgh bantei shaemus... xD
Dady say cena win by dQ.. Caka! Cena din get his beLt...

Js nw i get my gaji.. N i c Ericc.. =/
^nuttin^ happen.. hahaxx!~
Oh2 my gaji is RM500.00++ incLud epf n soso...
widout is just rm475.75..
I guess im da highest c0s i owes oT.. hahaxx!!

After i ambk gaji, i jmpa nash skjap..
He wan giv me phone 2 giv 2 Radin..
Bt wen i go bak i tried d phone, tak bLh pLak..
I msj him, he sad.. haiz!
Kcian him,, mghrpkn yg tdk akn...
Mcm tern.. =/

Den @ nyt i bLanja famiLy @ Lee Coffee Shopp.. xP
RM39.50 was wasted.. =P
oh2, i gave rm30 2 mumy..

Huark!~ I din c Azmi...

Sy syng km tpi sy syng krdt sy Lbh Lgi..

Kcian de Loe.. hahaxx!!


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