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Posted at 12/23/2009 04:36:00 PM
I tink sLection is ok...
Tak ksh Lh d cbuk supervisor...
Dey pn bknyh cbuk sgt..

Kak uji say sLection gud ady...
c0s if other supermarket, d supervisor strict...
she say, tiL one sound pn tak bLh..

Dat dae mdm wrnink me pn i dun care Leh..
oni put in head fer 2 daes,
d 3rd dae ady cum out Loe...

Bt yng i tak puas hati Lh...
d supervisor tak respect me...
dey tot i din do work...
pdhaL i heLp pLggn ambk stong...

my 1st job wen i 1st startd wrking is,,
picking rotten fruits wid Rika..

mkin hri, i mLs 2 fyn Liao... xP
untiL sindy pLak yng mrh...
Den yatie msk keja.. ALhamduliLah...
i tak kna agen.. :D

1st supervisor 2 scoLd me...
Is... ummm... Joe kot??... :D
Bt i c he owes uLar wid Limping, Nelson Leh...
i c dey owes Lpak bhyn d coLa pLace..

my Last job on my Last dae is ssun d kain on d buah..
bt itu mcm bkn keja Lh kot.. =)

Wad i mish d most is hearing cabbage/wangbok crying wenever i cut dem..
I oso mish cLeaning up d area....
I wud nt Let ppL in d station untiL d floor btuL2 dry dee...
UntiL i hit amy shouLder c0s she wan 2 msk..
tak sngaja Leh.. Ying say amy penyek sbLh..

Bt on my Last dae, I fnys mop, den i go sit wid Ying...
SdenLy i cry.. Ying c me cry oso 4Loe...
haha! MaLuuu~ so i brink her msh station der wLpn nt yet dry..

N d Last supervisor 2 scoLd me is Kak Nancy..
She say i din throw smph btuL2.. xD
mmg i dajar buang mcm 2 bh.. hahahahaha!!
takpaLh.. i tak ambk hati..

D most skt hati moment is wen ah Yong mrh mee..
n hLu me out... sobss.. smpi btuL hati diaa..
n on dat dae, i teL joe frozen dun nid me..
i criusLy kcik hati dat daee..

Bt d most hepieest moment durink work is...
im in it.... :)

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