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Posted at 12/17/2009 08:26:00 PM


Js dis mwnink install streamyx..

Hws w0rk s0 far??
Hrmm,, Blh Than Lh..
mny new frens.. s0on gna psh wid dem.. ='(
nxt m0ndae i n0 m0re w0rk Loe..
bt eveLyn 2mrw pnya 2mrw no m0re Liao..

Dat dae i get 2 experience dpartment wet market..
Sucksss... ~ xP

2dae pLak gt 7 new ppL..
Ystrdy pnya ystrdy gt 3. =)
gt 2 new ppL in fr0zen, i havta ajr dem b4 i go..
haiz! s0 cr0wded Liao fr0zen.. TT
Tkut i go wet market agen..

i lLu s0 mny daes ordy,,
din n0e its omos goin bak 2 sch dae...
My Leg stiL hurts frm standing tym wrking.. xD

24 dec, ambk PMR dee... hrmmm,,
scared Lh.. ='(
i m0re scared nxt yr... im tinking of wanting 2 pndh 2 ah ying der lerr..
xP mbyLh..
i dno wer 2 m0ve nxt yr.. xD

apa gk b4 i cL0se??.. hrmmm,,
nuttin dee h0e.. nuttin imp0rtant.. xD


Pris:Ok kh dvd ne??
DVD guy:Ok, kLu tak ok bLh 2kr...
Pris:kLu mcm 2, mLm ne sy tgk, esk sy kmPlen den 2kr dvd Len..
Den tiap2 hri sy bwt mcm 2, bLh kh?xP
Dvd guy:kLu mcm 2, sy takmau tgk km Lgi.. :D
Pris:Aihh.. Claka toL km ne..xP
Dvd guy:Aihh.. Km mrh sy.. =P
Pris:TkdaLh2 mean sja..=))
Dvd guy:yLoe..


Dhaa!~ s0 Long din on9.. xP

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