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  'Xmas eve.. =)'
Posted at 12/24/2009 06:32:00 PM
Xmas eve.. =)

Xmas is the festival wer frens n famiLy,
no matter cLose or not come 2gether..
N spread d joy of christmas..

Dis dae rmyn us of our Lord Jesus Christ...
He was born in a manger in bethLehem..

He grew up n he save us from our sins..

Merry Christmass!!


Js nw dady cum bak earLy..
mgherankn.. xD

Fifi say he brink a big3 bag.. :D

n dis wads in it...

Oso got 2 wine.. :D

Dtuk Dato Ang Lai Soon giv.. :)
So gener0us..

I teL tern, he say 2 ask dady 2 wryte news bout him agen..
I say, ltr he giv his s0n 2 my dad 2 bcum his mnantu.. @.. my suami..

I tried 2 b singLe, bt i cant.. :D

Ltr go 2 uncLe Joseph hous... :)
Ouuu~ So hungwy... TT


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