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  'Xmass.. =)'
Posted at 12/25/2009 01:51:00 PM
Merry Xmas.. =)



I woke up earLy js nw.. xD
6+ ady bath arh.. Fifi n Jeff havta b earLy 2 church c0s dey gt join koir..
Haizz! =.="

I vsit 3 hous oni js nw...
I Lyk uncLe dennis hous.. Fud so westerny.. xD

Js nw after church go 2 william mawan hous,,
d pLace wer i took my datin her pict.. xD
in d tandas summore.. :D
Datin ambk in tndas... Lolsss~ *joking2*
neways, i wanted 2 go in d toilet n take pict,
bt2.. :( hp Lowbat.. ;(


Ystdy Aaron, MariLyn din cum..
so no geng arh.. :(

Bt gt Marissa tman me.. xD
BTW, shes js a bby..


Ystrdy gt ppL koL me...
He koL me syng.. I swt Lh.. :D
i tot is Tern.. :D
I go n mrh2 tern.. I ask him dun Lie...
he say its nt him.. :D

Den dat ppL msj me..
I ask hu is he, he say his my grk...
I ask grk mna.. :D

He say Arik.. Den i say "Cheh!"... :D

He so LonLy hia??.. o pLayboy.. hsy!..
He say he gt gf Leh, bt his gf gntngkn his hbgn.. xD

I say if singLe, i wan oso wid him...
Bt im nt singLe.. :) hahaaxx!!~

SLpyyy... Huah!~~

Dhaa! =)

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