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Posted at 1/03/2010 02:51:00 PM
Mel:Sy cdng klu x jd nurse, sy nk jd ahli pharmacy.. :P
Biar sy blh twu smua jnis ubt yg bhya n yg x bhya.. ;)
Pris:Sy twu, sy twu mna 1 yg bhya n tak.. XP
Mel:Ubt pa yg bhya n x lh? Slain dr dadah? :P
Pris:Asid bhya.... :P Ubt btuk tak.. =))..
Mel:Ceh~ 2 cmua owg twu bh... +yg sy plak, bla msa asid jd ubt? xD Ahaha!!
Pris:Sjak sy bwt dia lh... :D
Mel:Bla ms km bwt? :D
Pris:Smlm.. Hbs tgn sy lecur.. ;(
Mel:Gla... Dh twu asid 2 bhya.. msh jgk nk bwt ubt.. mati owg mnm nnti.. xD
Pris:Tkdalh.. sht.. :) Dpt jmpa Tuhan pas2.. xD

2mrw go sch.. TT
I kls beta.. weeeeeeee!~
Dream cum true.. *heaven music is played*
l0l.. :D

im so sleepy.. TT,, bt i dun wan 2 slp yet..
c0s ltr if i slp in d fterno0n, @ nyt i cant slp early..
If i slp late, ltr knot wake up 2mrw.. s0bs~

1st dae of sch.. :|
*rmbring past mm0riess*

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