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  'Chnge Ur w0rLd!!'
Posted at 1/31/2010 08:12:00 AM

I go sch dat mwnink, 2 tmn Lemon... :P
Bt oL i tmn him is in msjes..
He go cc.. :( LOL..
Dat dae, promise 2 share krpok wid me...
Den u toLak.. :( I share wid d whoLe kLs Lh.. haha!!

I got mjLh skuLh 2009 ady.. :)) *screams*
Speaking of screams,, Ddeng make me scream in d dwn ystrdy.. haha!!:|

Neways, i gt mjLh skuLh ady...
Vero.. Sy trdLit mka grk km, n sy mLs nk ambk gk.. xP

I so bgga c my pict.. Especially d 1st one, c0s dat pict is on d 2nd page of d muLa2 of d book..
2 mny of d.. so broken engLish.. xP
Sy tgk vero pkai pina4, nmpk gmuk... n sy pk pna4 dia pndk?... xP

Chnge Your World tym.. ;)

D tickets... LOL

Durink d concert,,

Its in sequence, n it is Awesome... :P Im jump3, wid Jordie...
Olga malu i tink? tiL dun wan 2 jump3 wid us.. :P

O yeaa... My phone drop wen buy water.. N nsb tak jdi apa2... :P

Dis is us durink d concert.. :)

Us{Me, Olga, Jordie, Janice, Keith(& sibLings-Renne & Vincent), Tommy(& geng-JuLiana).

I evn took d oportunity n redeem d CD, n den go mnta autorgaph.. :P
Keith Jeless.. :D

I sngja oni took pict wid jude n DanieL c0s deir hawt.. :))

Those CDs.. :)

+saw Audrey ystrdy.. :) Long Lost Satria fren.. :)
+Nic ex-besfren.. :P

Last nyt me n Lemon msj,
He say, if i decyded 2 cuk him bcum Lemon Bird Rice...
He will will his heart 2 me...
I say i dun wan,, I say,"I rather b sad, den reciv a heart hu doesnt Luph me"...
Den he say his struggling??... xP

Dno wad will i do if he Leave gapor...
She bu de Li Kai nie... :'(

Bt he kip on giving hope dat he Luphs me, n dat he won Leave me?..
WTH is dat... :P


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