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Priscilla Tawie
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Posted at 1/27/2010 06:39:00 PM
SyLvester is questioning me nw...
:( Dun go any further... I bc0r 1 rasia ady, dun make me bc0r another...
I dun wan, lose a fren Lyk him... :( Hrp2 he kip secret.. *cr0ss fingers*

Js nw go Gaga hous.. :) We do Eng tink s0 mny tyms c0s i kip on Laufing...
haha! xDxD picts n vids post 2mrw lh.. Ehehehe~
2 lazy nw... :) N my s0cks hlng 1 at Ga hous.. Uhuhuhu!
N my Pj shirt oso hlng.. I tink siamsuL steal c0s wan bls dndm...

Waaaa! :( Js nw, i ucp Bdae 2 Desm0nd... SudnLy dat siamsuL hit me...
WTH! I go n take his physics book... N ugut 2 throw it down..
He say throw lh if i dare... SO i throw.. xDxD

Tym PJK, Ckgu Quek brink us round d sch outsyd.. Kewl^^
Hahahahaha!!... Kmfem d ppl heran?... xP


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