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  'Just Another DAE'
Posted at 1/20/2010 02:14:00 PM
Just another dae, Pfft~

2dae go bak LATE.. TT, 1.20pm...
Hates LUAR SIDANG.. !!
Dh Lh tym Chemist i sit bak3 der.. Hukss!
I cant concertrate much..

Tym physics plak,
I so piss of wid dat teacher.. =X
He talk 2 me using his "SINDIRAN" voice...
Heh~ !!
I criusLy wan 2 brink him 2 court dis tym..

Court? Y i say court, dis n tym in d same sentence?
Well, lets imbas kmbli.. :)

Pris:Ckgu! Pkul brapa kuar rht?
Ckgu:pkuL 10am..
Pris:Bkn pkul 9.55am kh ckgu?
Ckgu:Bknlh... 10am..
Pris:ALaaaa! Ckgu! I Lawsuit u c0s u dun wan 2 giv me rht early..
*Pris Laufs*
Well, i guess he tot i was annoying.. L0L!
I probably m d 1st gurl hu seems annoying in evry teachers lyf..
xDxD D gurl hu owes do LAME jokes.. haha!

Anyways, go bak 2 d main reason im talking crap...

He say oni can use reference book 2 refer 2...
I asklh, y knot use txt book?
He asnwer me,"Bc0s dis is my cls, n in dis cls, u 4lloe by my rule"...
*Pris feel so piss-off*

I mrh2, i trus open my note book in front of him,
n refer in.... Hsy!
OLee say i slumber shja.. xDxD

In cls, i tell cass, i real2 wan 2 Lawsuit dat teacher...
Cass say, "wenevr u(pris) wan 2 Lawsuit ppl, its so ezy.. Others hav 2 do procedure..
U just say Lawsuit trus msk mhkamah..."


2dae Olga n Husna kna mrh... Kcian dem.. =/
D teacher din evn tenks dem...
Dey go buy d thingy 4 clss..
Teacher say so ugLy.. l0l...

Tym PJK so gLa2 dat Quek.. xDxD
My muscle still hurts a lil.. hahaxx!

I saw Jessing js nw..
He luks fat.. xDxD HUS giv him 2 much fuud kot.. xP
Sprti besa, my bad-mouth say,
"Mel... Tgk 2.. Ckgu Jessing dh blk.. Dia gmuk ckit.. Sy rsa dia bwt operation msk Lemak"
Den mel tell dby n dby say,
"Eyy.. Ada bh orng nk bwt mcm 2"
I answered, "Awh2.. Ada2... Owg yg nk msk Asian Biggest Loser.. xP Mrka nk mng duit.. hahax!"

Mmmmm... So saLty~ :)) Hoe cass hoe?.. xDxD
I tottaly spoil cassandra ordy.. hahaxx!
Shes no longer nerdy dbwt sy..
Nw shes lyk my besfren.. :))
+She make me seems nerdy.. I do my humw0rk, bt she dint...


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