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Posted at 1/15/2010 10:57:00 PM


I waited 4 d eclipse js nw..
Bt nuttin came..

Well, i took pictures.. =)



♥ my addiction.. xP

I n0e 2mrw havta go 2 sch, bt i still smpt blog..
Haiz! apa nk jdi.. xD
Mcm ckgu Leslie say,"bdk2 zmn skrg"...

I js rmbr dat, cassandra declare 2dae d dae i din answer random(weird) answer @ d teacher..
she say its d 1st tym.. xP
n den, bru she say, a few minutes later, i go on wid my old habit.. :D

Teacher ask us, Mcm mna nk tgk TUHAN?..
I say,"Kta gna HATI untuk tgk dia ckgu!"...


I owes answer random(weird) answers, till Ckgu Quek ask me hus my father..
xP hahahahaha!! I brought dat habit since form 2.. :D

*Imbas Kmbli*

Ckgu Kon:Wad 2 bring during a flood?..
Pris:Kotex teacher!! XD

Dat dae, ckgu Quek ask sumtink,,

Ckgu Quek:Harh km!*points at Radin*... Mcm mna bnyi jantung kta?
Radin:Lup Dup...
Ckgu Quek:Km?... *points at me*...
Pris:Lup Dup ckgu.. =)
Ckgu Quek:Haaahh! Amalan mnusia, mniru antra 1 sma len..
Pris:Aiee.. Sy tak mniru ckgu.. Mmg ckgu ajr kmi mcm 2.. XP

Bbek him.. xD

Cass say i n0e h0w 2 meddle myself in a situation.. =)

My Long Lost Titanic pict.. xP


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