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Posted at 1/22/2010 03:30:00 PM
Mcm Vero ktakn, kmaluan??...
Huh! Sy maLu gra2 Cassandra.....
Bkn sy sja, mel pn sma.. =/

Js nw fter ISCF, me, cass n mel jln blk sma..
Den gt dis 1 boy, fom 3... His sourLy.. ;)

Mel ask me, wad is cute in my language??...
So i say gt bitter, sour, sweet..
Sweet ady taken, so i use sour Loe.. :)
So we puji2 n ktwa him sour..

Den cass say, "OMGosh! Dun talk so loud.. His just bhyn us.. "
*Pris n Mel run away frm Cass c0s maLu*

Den i say, Claka2 2 cass.. xP She say, "He cant hear.. His wearing earphone"...

Apa kh! =.|| So memalukn... ~ Huksss!
Dun wan taLk bout boys wid cass anym0e.. Hahaxx! ;)
If she say d0es word soft2, gud oso...
Bt she say Loud2... Huhu!

Malu me wen i c his fren... wen i msk keta... xDxD

I wan ask cass read my blog after dis.. :))

Dh lh after recess, she make me Lauf.. :D TiL i hiccup... :P
Den i drink water n den she make me Lauf wyL i was drinking...
I muntah air bsyd her... xDxD Den a few minutes ltr, i hntk2 my kaki in front of my desk der..
Sudenly i hear gt dis weird sound, wen i luk dwn...
Mel giv air sarsi spiLt.. :O Haha!
Cass say if teacher ask js say,
"D table shee2, bcause it is a living tink n living tinks can excrete XP"...

KpLikn... =)

Js nw, b4 msk kls, I c Anne, i c her sguiggLy hair...
I pull it, bt den i turn ar0und, i terpull her shirt.. :D
Dh Lh she wear pina4.. :))
She go n "Eyy" me... I fast2 say sry....
Kmfem she tink me wad pLak..

D engLish tink omos wan xpyr...
I must fast2 do d bckground.. HUkss! TT
Dh Lh my team mmbers tak brkjasama...
Dun wan dis, dun wan dat.. Haih!
Must b Famous oso kh?!... :@
Hsyy!! V no tym neemore Liao...


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