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  'My Lyf sucks!'
Posted at 1/26/2010 02:45:00 PM
Js nw, Ckgu Ellena say teenager owes say deir lyf sucks...
Den keith n Tommy point2 at me.. :D

Pas prhmpunan, owes gt srt melayng till Joshua jeLes@angry..

I gossip wid Desmond bout... xDxD
I say so geLi i c he dance, sing wyL wiping d board...
Desmond say he wear perfume, an awfuL one 2...
Den he say, he no sense of perfume??.. :P

Neways, wTh is wrong wid him wif Indo, ThaiLnd n Brunei...
So anoying.. xP Desmond say he kna reject.. Hahaxx!

Mna itu bdk??... Tdi kta "As u wish"... Skrg hlng plak...
I riLi nid 2 n0e wich one r u... :P

Imma LiL Bitch, =) Haiz! Dno wad happen 2 me...
Hruskh sy mbls dndm? =|

U hev my word....
I wud nt decieve my own LUPH...
I promise my own life 4 dis....

Js let me tell u, hw i feel...
So u wud nw, hw i suffer... Im soee..!~

I cry evry nyt, my sin is growing each dae...
Bt i tell u, n i promise, sumdae it will b over....
I just cant promise wen?

Bt i n0e, so0n.... So just wait k?...


My gudNess! xP D word i owes say dis daes.. =P


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