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Posted at 1/02/2010 10:06:00 AM
Last nyt, wen 2 star cineplax..
Wid koko, eunice, cha2, fifi n jeff.. :)
we watch,,

Avatarr.. :) Nyceee! Bt 1st2 so bored...
dh lh i 4gt 2 brink specs.. =.="

we took picts.. =)

we took picts durink n b4 d movie..
o yeaa,, durink d movie, sudnly evrytink wen dark..
d movie pn tutup.. technical problem.. l0l.. a few it happens..
n each tym it happens, photos r bein taken.. xP

o yeaa.. b4 we go 2 d cnema, we bought kropok frm uni shop der..
n try 2 sludup msk into d cnema.. :D
i evn made a joke bout mineral botol..

"My doctor advise me 2 drink onli dis water frm dis btol"...

+im freezing 2 death evn tho i wear long jeans, jacket n so on..:P

oh2, chacha showed us her boyfren ystrdy..
so kiut...^^ n white too!... XP

Tadaa! ** kiut har.. :P


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