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Posted at 1/12/2010 01:42:00 PM
Ckgu Ellena:Ystrdy i saw dis kapel.. erm2.. erm2.. making.. erm2.. making "gud frens"..
at d park near my mother hous..
I go bak, i din c anytink den.. Dis mwnink, my mother kol n told me..
Dat dey were making "very2 gud frens"..

I malu lgi!!... Js nw ckgu anita ask ppl 2 volunteer 2 talk bout krengagn kaum d msia..
i stand up n say...
"Sy stuju akn pndpt krngngn kaum d msia.. Err.. Sy pnh brpglaman dlu.. Dlu dlm kls sy ada segeng bdyuh n sgeng iban.."
Ckgu Anita tgur my segeng word.. s0 i use skumpulan.. xD
"Mrka berselisihan fhm"..
Ckgu anita ask me bout wad..
"Tntng ssuatu subjek"
Ckgu Anita agen tgur my bm.. xD
Den she ask me hw mny years ordy dey gduh..
"err.. 3 taun, 3 taun.."
Den she say "Lama btul!"...
i answer,"yLh.."
Den she say, mcm mna mrka skrg?
I say,"Mrka dh pndh skulh.. xD"
Den she lauf n say sggp dey pndh skulh.. :D


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