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Posted at 1/15/2010 01:46:00 PM
I owes luk at d bad syd of lyf,
bt deir is d gud syd of it..

In cls, cass, joshua, gaga n Husna owes makes me lauf..

Cass say wenever i hold a grudge a tree had 2 die 4 me..
it o started wen i say, im so clumsy til wenever i kick a tree, it fall down..
N den, i pretend 2 b angry at cass, bsyd our block gt trees, n kevin hii n sylvester sit near d windows.. n we sit bsyd dem.. i say d tree bengkok on kevin n syL.. So it can hit cass..

Dis few daes, olga emo.. :(

Husna is an Arabian Banana..


Js nw, i tergiv extra money 2 d canteen ppl..
+i 4got 2 brink poket money.. :@
so i had 2 boro.. :(

Neways, i trgiv xtra money...
Den wen i go ask, dey trus giv.. :D
i tell cass, 2mrw im gna try 2 do dat 2..

+dat guy scared of me.. xP
bc0s i owes mnta ayam cntekk.. ! :D

I join PUM agen.. =))
+Teacher say, d ppl hu msk PUM gt selected by other teachers c0s we're reliable..
Swt drop.. =,=".. I tot i plh myself 2 msk one dat dae..
Heh~ xP takpa.. rezeki.. =)

If pat hadn't destroy my chances of goin in ko0p,
xur ill b rich at d end of d year..


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