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Posted at 1/29/2010 02:24:00 PM
Im nt a staLker :P N i dun steaL other ppL picts...

Dis is my fren, HeLbert Chiu Hok How.. Hu change his name into Raymond Chiu..
I kn0wn him cLoseLy 4 3-4 daes ordy...
Evry tym, i Luk at him, its Lyk Lytning hit me..
MY GOD!...

Evry1 koL him Lemon.. Bt i koL him ALmond... We msj oL dae, oL nyt after i break..
If he din msj me, i wud wait 4 him.. Lyk ystrdy...
I waited so Long 4 him, n wen he finaLy msj, i read trus say gudNyt..

He confess Luff 2 me dat dae, bt after dat deny it.. :D
Evn wen d teacher is teaching, we stiL dare 2 send each other Ltr...
Hw nyc... xP

His d reason, i been drawing LUPHs in my book.. n evrywer...
I dno y i feel Lyk dis?... hehe~
He doesnt n0e it.. Dat i missh him..

N so0n, his gonna Leave me... He so kejam! Hw dare he make me Lyk dis..

Js nw, Lemon say wan sing 2 me.. I wait in cls, wid mel n pat n cass..
Bt i tink he malu 2 sing in front of dem...

Neways, after dey Left... I open conversation wid him...

Pris:Y u make me wait so long ystrdy?.. U n0e, i so slpy, cranky n hungry...
N our children hungry u n0ee!!
Pris:haha! play2 nee.. xP
Kevin:Eyyy...!! dey gt 7 children.. xP
Lemon:Oi! so much arr!

Go bak, SyLvester ask me 2 say gudbye 2 Lemon..
Den Lemon chia me eat Roller Coaster, bt i say i wan share wid him 2mrw...
Den he say, "If cann.."... Den he say,"He'll b moving 2 SMKBL"....
I criedd... Den i msj syLvester,, Nw i n0e, wads d gudbye 4...

So siak soi!! =((

+i hate symsuL... =X he dun wan me Lyk Lemon...
Hw 2 undo it Leh?,,, Grrr~

I tink, my KARMA cumin bak.. huhu!!

D aircon ppl here oo... SO dusty... *coughs*....
nw dey tgh boro my phone 4 flash... 2 c insyd d aircon.. :P

"Ur d reason y i act dis way"


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