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Priscilla Tawie
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  'The ugLy Truth'
Posted at 1/18/2010 02:18:00 PM
Define cute widout knowing d real truth;
"Attractive bt not pretty"

Define cute wid Mdm Flowrese help;
"Ugly bt Adorable"

Define Adorable;

Define Cuddly;
"Huggable, Lyk teddie bear"

I faL in LUPH wid Shayne Ward music.. :)

Js nw i chek my updates, i c Vero tag me...
Wen i c.. I c.. ooLaLa! xP
I trus jdi gLa.. hahahahahahahaha!!

Js nw, i c SyamsuL bwh bmbung der..
I go n charge him use umbrella.. xD
den he hit me, use his pyung.. well he hit my umbrella lh.. :))

Den wen i c him tpi jLn der...
Dat tym i talk 2 angeline, suddenly i scream "CHARGE!"...
Bt he din listen.. xD
Den i realise, i just embarass myself.. :P
Heran Angeline.. hahaxx!

After sch go buy tali telpon at Wisma Wan der..
After dat, i c Emmie.. :)
I luk at her mcm apa.. xP Pk spalh 2.. haha!
Den she brink me go c my abng2.. :))
Man! Dun i mishh demm..

D guy frm upstair der stiL rmbr me.. xD
His kiu... eyhh, attractive eyes.. @_@....
Bt he nt so attractive 2dae c0s he down his hair.. xP
Alim ktakn.. xD

I tink i fal in LUPH wif BioLogy.. :D
Evrytym i 2ggu2 msa bio 2 come.. hahaha!


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