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  'Wer is the HARMONY?'
Posted at 1/21/2010 01:56:00 PM
I posted dis on fcebukk.. xD
So far, i found so mny pages bout semenanjung Msia kol Swakians "MUNDURlh"... "BI-TCHlh"... WTH! wer is d harmony? So tak rasional Lgsg.. Dey brain so mundur... Hsy!..
Dey say us Swakians live in d hutan, well FYI, we do not live in hutan n we still hav OTAK ok! We dun go burning trees.. Heh~ Wads wrong wid u guys?!...
U say us very poor, pdahal we hev mny hsil galian here, nvr heard of Brooke, Japanese, British wan 2 conquer swak kh?.. Tah bljr pa tym skulh..
+Swak is d most peaceful place among d others... We do not hev so mny stupid ppl rgut, rmpk, rgol n so on here.. Ovr der, 1k o more... Tedah d policemen ovr der, havta lyn so mny tink...
Here, d policemen no nid worry so much...
Ovr der, accident happen evry dae, here accident mby 2-3 tyms within 3 weeks... So hus d mundur ppl nw?.. apalh! pk logic lh ckit.. tah2 ngeri kwu yh MUNDUR, ko jk mok up-kn ckit, smpe mok anok2 Swak..
Tedah kw yh!?...

In conclusion: Ppl hu talk bout swak r MUNDUR!...

Another page is bout Hani Tarmizi, but cant fyn it.. =|


Wad is wrong wid dem Smnanjung ? >.<

>.> Sia2 oni i work my ass of dat script.. Haiz!
I hrp2 my team members blh dhrp.. *prays*
Ordy so mny tym fail me wan.. Hmmm~
s0eLh k... :) Bt yeaaa...~

Js nw, keith mum shwed sumtink...
Keith n Soon play dollies.. :D

Js nw, i taLk 2 Symsul kcik on y he msk HUS dat dae...
He diam sja.. Den mel say, he malu wan tell..
Den ttba i jth.. xDxD *malu*
Mel say i step on her foot.. haiz!HAIZ!,,,,


Cass ask me y havta BLOG evrydae?
I say, "Bc0s i akn asa ssh hati wenevr i no blog" XP

Kinder Bueno! Nyumm... :))


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